You're about to find out the secret to people with paper clutter free homes . . .

"Using Find-N-File will save you countless hours of frustration looking for lost paperwork . . . your credit card company doesn't want you to own this system"

- Tammy Burke, Creator of Find-N-File

The straw that broke the camel's back came after opening my doors as a Professional Organizer.

I just couldn't face my clients to help them with their paperwork when I had my own issues. Not knowing what to keep and what to shred, I ended up keeping all of it and I was growing out of my two drawer filing cabinet.

Now I know that you are probably a pitcher or a keeper. There's very few that are middle of the road. Accountant's can give us some information about what to keep, but it sure can get confusing. Some documents you keep 3 years, others 7. There had to be a better way.

After researching systems, I discovered there are filing systems out there, but . . . I have to be honest here, I like things to look good. I'm one of those people who has to buy the fancy address book from Hallmark. I want things like that to make me smile everytime I use them for their very practical purpose.

The other thing that really bothered me about the filing systems I researched was their complexity. I felt like I was going to have to hole up in my office for a week struggling with plastic tabs and stickers and feeling like years were coming off of my life.

Things like this shouldn't be complicated.

I created Find-N-File for people like me . . .

  • who love the feel of good quality paper
  • who really like picture books even though their too old to read them without a child
  • who don't want to waste time on the mundane
  • who literally pick apart products and wish that they could do this or that

So, in the spirit of saving you time, here's the rundown. As simple and complete as I could make it.

  • 34 Pendaflex folders (Lifetime guaranteed) -- shouldn't your file folders last a lifetime?
  • 34 laminated cards that slide nicely in the infopockets of the folders. The cards also serve as tabs to label the folders.
  • A coated brochure that includes a Quick Start Guide (most people can set up their files in about 15 minutes), and information on how to sort out your paperwork in the easiest way possible. Also, there's information on what to keep in a fireproof box, how the tax filing system works (trust me it's easy) and on the very back a nice listing of all the files included with the system so you can easily figure out where things should go.



Buying items to decorate your home can make you feel wonderful, but if paper clutter is finding it's way on your desks or countertops, they are having the opposite effect on your home. This filing system can be your secret weapon to keeping the paper where it belongs and leave you more time, money and less frustration. Imagine, making an appointment with a financial planner and being able to find all of the paperwork that they need to help you assess your current worth and liabilities accurately. This filing system literally could save you THOUSANDS of dollars.

So what's the secret to a clutter-free home? There are two secrets actually. Clutter-free homes are simplified homes. People without clutter have made the decision to not have more than they need. The other secret is having a home for everything. Making decisions about where an item will be stored will save you a great amount of frustration. This filing system will solve your paperwork problems. It literally will give you a home for all of the paperwork that you need to have, but haven't had a place for until now.

Read the testimonials, check out the commercial so you can see how everything works, and order yours today. I'm sure that you'll love it. It's guaranteed. You won't pay shipping for it to come to you and I'll even pay to ship it back if you're not completely satisfied.





Only $47 We are currently in the process of transitioning this product to a downloadable format that you can print out directly from your own computer. If you're interested in knowing as soon as it's ready for purchase, please enter your name and email below! Thanks!

Perhaps we'll cross paths in a Hallmark someday. All the best!

Tammy Burke
Organizing Consultant
Find-N-File Creator




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